Improvement in graphics

2008-03-06 19:00:59 by Tobromancer

For those of you who have seen my last flash MGS: Trip Home you can see how "poor" the graphics were back then, and how little each character differed from each other. I continued to use these graphics, the current flash I am making "Tom's Gamez" was almost done in "trip home" graphics until something happened... I stopped using flash.
For about a year I stopped all flashage, I did do the casual drawing or two use flash but nothing serious, until I met Erick for the from the who asked me to make him a few sketches for metal gear soldiers. I took up his offer and sketched him a few new character, he was impressed and asked me to join them, I gladly took up the offer.
From now to then there has been a definite improvement graphic wise. Thanks to my friends who pushed me to continue (you know who you are XD). Here's a picture showing then from now
Tell me what you think ^^

Improvement in graphics


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2008-03-06 22:11:02

Those are great graphics!


2008-03-06 23:41:56

excellent stuff man
need voice actors?
go leave a comment on my page!


2008-03-08 02:29:05

you helping Aeon with making the CTF series?

(Updated ) Tobromancer responds:

No, that flash is his pride and joy XD
Besides he knows what he is doing


2008-03-08 17:01:06

no you?
aww bugger

Tobromancer responds:

I'm sure I'll do another flash with aeonstars someday, maybe a MGS: Trip Home 2! But for now we're doing our own separate thing


2008-03-10 19:44:48

NICE HEADS *wink* *wink* but remenber graphics aren't everything!Ya i'm really glad your back into flash, thought you died for a while! We should throw a party?Keep us updated!:D