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New Flash

2008-03-06 15:36:56 by Tobromancer

In a not so far future I expect to start animating a flash thats been lying around in my head for awhile.
The script is finished and will be starting very soon, I hope to have it done before the end of Spring but no promises, with both school and work to consider this my prove to be a harder task than I imagined.
I know it's been forever since my last flash and I hope I haven't lost my touch, though I know it's gonna take some time to get back into the swing of things.
Not much has changed in terms of style, though I find that the quality of my graphics has improved greatly.
I hope to have it done as soon as possible, and to hear from you guys.

New Flash


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2008-03-06 16:05:26

Good luck! So far so good, that's a pretty detailed scenery sketch there . . .

Tobromancer responds:

Thanks, it's actually based on a game store I pass every day, so yeah, I know pretty much every detail


2008-03-06 16:19:32

Pretty Sweet, Thomas :)

Tobromancer responds:



2008-03-06 17:39:11

Nice Thomas! I'm very excited to see more stuff from you and geez that scene loks very detailed. I had no clue you had drawn so much. I'm always here for any flash questions you ever have and I really want to follow this project until its completion. Best of luck!

Tobromancer responds:

Thanks, you know you're the first person I go to if I need help with flash. Have you seen the Andre I drew? Its in my other post