2008-06-12 13:37:23 by Tobromancer

I'm not even half way done...
Who would known that lipsyning was so hard...
Anyway, I hope to have it out as soon as possible, but I can't even promise it'd be out this month... Anywho I'm off to go play Metal Gear Solid 4 all this weekend, cya ^^


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2008-06-16 06:01:37

bummer man
oh well never mind

Tobromancer responds:

It's not like I'm not going to finish it, I just didn't get it out on time.
It'll be out ASAP


2008-06-16 06:02:21

you are yet to fail


2008-06-19 08:06:34 n/152172
Tell me what you think


2008-06-21 20:48:24

Things like that happen. I mean it's not interesting if everything goes according to plan right?
Lucky you with da Metal Gear!>_>


2008-06-25 17:50:14

You must email me when its finished man! I can't waaaaaaiiiiit to see it!
Btw...Camp Panda Ops: Episode 9 is almost here. Today or tomorrow a new montage comes out.


2008-07-01 05:28:23

Production update!


2008-07-05 23:05:21

you are in the collab
that is awesome!